I am a Rotarian in Georgetown, ON, and we have a project that I’d like to share with you.  Many people in Georgetown have seen us out and about selling raffle tickets for a Honda.  What we are really selling is a dream – a fully accessible playground that is safe for all children and families.  Several years ago, our Rotary Club decided to create a play space for children, and we raised close to $200,000 to develop an area of the Dominion Gardens playground with surfaces and equipment especially designed for children with physical limitations.  Our project now is to finish that job by replacing the woodchips with rubberized surfaces.  Why is the Rotary Club of Georgetown committed to completing the universally accessible playground?  Because all children should be able to play together – regardless of the physical abilities.  
Please enjoy this one minute video, filmed at the playground, to illustrate the need and support the cause - Let's play together video    
National statistics tell us that 3.1% of Canadian children have a physical disability. Georgetown has an estimated population of 7,250 children under the age of twelve, indicating that we have approximately 224 children in town with a physical disability. We want to provide a safe physical space with equipment designed for ease of access.  We believe these children deserve a safe place to play with other children – after all, it’s better to play together.  In fact, the video I have included with this email is about Chase Galea, a 7 year old boy in our area who was born with quad Cerebral Palsy.  He is typical for his age in that he loves to play, race around, cool off on the splash pad, and make new friends.
This is my direct appeal to seek your support to help Rotary finalize the Universally Accessible Children's Playground (UACP) that requires the installation of a rubberized ground cover in place of wood chips that basically impedes the pushing of wheel chairs, maneuvering with canes, as you can see from the video.
We need to complete the playground...so our car raffle is back...bigger and better than ever.  Your donation will go a long way towards our goal, you’ll feel better about helping Chase, and other children like him, and you could win a new car – talk about a win, win, win!  

Win a 2014 Honda Civic EX (total value $26,901.23)
o 4-door sedan
o automatic
o loaded
o winner may negotiate with Georgetown Honda for a different vehicle (no cash value)
Honda Civic EX draw date: Saturday October 18 at 2:00 p.m. at Georgetown Honda 
Get in on the action...buy your tickets here: http://rotarygeorgetown-on.ca
·       Only 750 tickets will be sold (and each ticket has an Oil Change special rate coupon!) at $100 per ticket or 3 for $250 – fantastic odds but even more important – for a really good cause!

I would be pleased if you would forward this request on to your email contacts and Facebook friends.  Thank-you for your assistance in helping us help the children in our community.
Written by Susan Housel