Doug Penrice from the Town of Halton Hills was our guest speaker on Friday.  He brough us up to date on the new Halton Hills community brand (which is most excellent!).

For more information, click on read more or visit the town website at:

Halton Hills – Small Town Living at Its Best

Halton Hills is a great place to live and work – that doesn’t come as news to anyone that calls our community home. In an effort to celebrate our diversity and our similarities, we completed a comprehensive community branding initiative. We wanted to create a unifying look that captures the essence of who we are. We wanted a look and tagline that summed up the spirit of our community.

“Small Town Living at Its Best”, that’s Halton Hills and that’s our new community brand. This doesn’t replace the Town’s brand and tagline. The Town as a service provider does have its own brand and logo – “Working Together. Working for You!” That hasn’t changed and remains our motto.

The community brand is different. While the Town will be the caretaker of the community brand, it really belongs to everyone. The community brand is designed to bring our unique communities together. While we are a community of communities – with rich individual histories we have more in common than we sometimes acknowledge and we complement each other. As we found in the refinement of the brand we are a unique combination of character, community and countryside.

We have the same voice – we are real, friendly and lively:

  • Real means we are natural, straightforward and authentic.
  • Friendly means we are approachable, neighbourly and down-to-Earth.
  • Lively means we are energetic, engaging and active.

We encourage everyone in our community to consider using the community branding to complement their own identity efforts. The logo is available, at no cost, to local organizations. For more information, visit