Our club (along with Rotary clubs in Fergus, Guelph, and Oakville) supported a school in Uganda by providing Desks and Bunk Beds for the students.
Divine Mercy School was borne out of a community need to make education accessible to some of the most underserved children within the community. Located in Kanungu district that borders the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), It is 450KM from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and 70KM from Kabale town, the school currently has 219 pupils (Kindergarten and form 1-7) and is 5 years old. This project will provide the much-needed classroom furniture for classrooms and double-decker metallic beds (bunk beds) for learners who stay at school. The classroom furniture will improve the learning/ teaching environment for both the learners and teachers. The beds will also improve the nighttime resting for the learners so that they are refreshed and ready for classes the next day. This will consequently result in improved academic performance for the learners.