Mr. Bill Stensson, CEO Sheridan Nurseries presented to our club last week, celebrating Sheridan's 100th year in 2013.   From their modest beginnings in 1913, Sheridan has nine modern garden centres in the GTA and DW areas.  One of the most interesting green initiatives is that drip irrigation has replaced sprinklers & broadcast watering reducing water consumption by up to 80%!
At Sheridan, a leader means more than being the most successful or the most on-trend. It means anticipating their guests needs to improve their experience while setting an example in corporate social responsibility. They have designed an Environmental Plan that will see changes at their offices, farms and garden centres as part of a long-term commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.   Visit the Sheridan website 'Green Initiatives' here.
Mr. Stensson was also a Rotary Group Study Exchange participant some years back!  Rotary is everywhere!